Monday, November 28, 2011

Latrines for Christmas

Making 10 latrines was clearly not enough for the 28 families here without a bathroom. I applied for a Peace Corps Partnership grant to make at least 13 more. Its finally up on the Peace Corps website with a link so anyone can donate for the project.

The project needs 3000 USD total. This will be enough to make at least 13. I do have some materials left over from the first 10, so this may be able to stretch to 14 or 15. That’s 13-15 families that have never had access to a bathroom of any sort. My community members use the sugar cane fields and the hills around the community to defecate. They have been doing this for generations. Not only does this habit affect their health, but it is also detrimental for the entire community. Feces contaminate water sources and are a serious health threat. If cholera reaches our providence, without latrines the community will not be able to avoid a devastating outbreak.

It is my Christmas wish this year that, those of you who can, make a charitable contribution to the latrine project. All donations are 100% tax deductible, and the donations can be anonymous or attached with a name notifying me who the gift was from.

I made a short PowerPoint presentation about the project, with lots of photos, that I will send to potential donors. Please leave your email address below in the yellow comments section, or email me at and I will send it to you. My mom presented it to her school’s Key Club in order to earn donations; and, I think it is helpful and informative for anyone considering donating to the project as it discusses my community, what latrines are, and how they work.

Please consider making a charitable donation to this very worthy mission.

Happy Holidays!

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